We have a range of caravans available for touring (holiday) hire. View the details of the vans below, or contact us for more information or to discuss your needs. All caravans are hired out per day with the day that you pick it up being the first day, and the day that you return it being the last day.

Please note: All Caravans are to be towed on sealed roads only. The caravans are NOT to be towed on unsealed (gravel) roads. 

Click on the images for further information.​

Coromal Family Van Coromal Caravan (C12) Coromal Family Shower & Toilet (C26)
sn466211 Coromal Transforma (C15) IMG_2996 (Medium) Coromal Tranforma (C16)

New Jayco  

 Dove Coming soon  Jayco Swan (C27)
Jayco Penguin (C24)  IMG_3573 (Custom)  Islandstar Challenger 2000 (C18)
Avan Ray 14 Family (C25)    Windsor Rapid Shower & Toilet(C23)
   Coromal seka 535 (C21) IMG_0791 Jayco Expanda Shower & Toilet (C20)