Canoe Hire

Albany and the surrounding area  has some beautiful rivers and estuaries, which are best explored with a canoe or a kayak.  Hire one of our canoes or sit-on kayaks to experience the peace and tranquility of our rivers. You could also use our canoes or kayaks to try fishing in Oyster Harbour or the Kalgan River. Kalgan River is very popular for bream fishing, and with one of our canoes or kayaks you will be able to get into all the tight areas.

If you are planning a holiday in some other area and would love to take a canoe or kayak, why not hire one of ours, as they are licensed for all of WA waters.

Our Bushranger canoes are very stable and have heaps of space to take all your gear, for a picnic or an over night camp.

Our Mission Surge kayaks are very stable and track very well. These are a two person kayak, which can also be used as a single person kayak.

All our marine hire craft come with a full complement of safety gear so your safety is never compromised!

Features: Kayaks

  • Very stable Kayak, usable regardless of experience
  • Two seats
  • Drink bottle holders
  • 125mm port to hold keys, wallet, etc
  • Tie down straps on deck, to hold your luggage
  • Life Jackets
  • Dry Bag
  • Two paddles

Features: Canoes

  • Stable canoe, usable regardless of experience
  • Two or Three seats
  • Life Jackets
  • Two paddles
  • Dry Bag
  • Licensed to carry 2 or 3 persons.

Canoe & Kayak Hire Rates:

Please Note:

All 1 day hires are from 8am till 5pm, all half day hires are from 8am till 12pm or 1pm till 5pm. If you require a Canoe or Kayak from 1pm till 12pm the following day, you will be charged two half day hires.

  • Half Day    $45
  • 1 Day          $60
  • 2 Days        $80
  • 3 Days        $100
  • 4 Days        $120
  • 5 Days        $140
  • 6 Days        $160
  • 1 Week       $175
  • 2 Weeks     $275